In today’s techno-savvy world, it needs the essential alleviation of data-intensive scalable computing methods in various fields toward advancement and researches. Regular explosion of software up gradations and options are proliferating the increasing demand of data-analysis. As the market demands increase, companies launch newer version of products or completely new products, which need the join hand with the parallel database products and on the other hand the MapReduce-based options like Handoop framework are becoming increasingly popular.

All the new practitioners have got the new weapon for entering the new era of database-analysis, as data-intensive scalable computing methods are the threshold of the great scientific importance. All the experts, as well as the practitioners contribute data and develop it in order to reach the goal of their work. The new advancements of technologies and advancements require new combinations of data and sophisticated methods of data analysis. The continuous changes on researches have boomed the revolution in the wave of data-driven approaches. The more efficient data analysis methods make the researchers more efficient on the way to success. Upgraded data analysis methods introduce a practitioner with his strength and weakness and that is why it allows the researcher spending more times in research.

SSDBM (Scientific and Statistical Database Management) arranges the International Conference to form the stage, where the scientific domain experts, databases researchers, practitioners and developers can submit presentations and ongoing research on concepts, tools, techniques and architectures for scientific and statistical database applications. All the participants in this forum can find the spotlight for introducing their contributions and evolutions. The main purpose of this conference is to focus on the databases and application in the scientific and statistical fields, though the theme changes year to year.

All attendees have the chance to express their views with demonstrations of research prototypes and industrial systems. A practitioner can solicit with the experts about his papers describing original work not published or under review elsewhere. International Conference on SSDBM is the great stage for the researchers, who need software demonstrations or want to discuss new ideas or work in an early stage. For more than twenty years, the institutions alternating every other year between North America and abroad host this International Conference on SSDBM.